I'm Evrim

I hate EXO

/touches you seductively/

I'm trying really hard to look like a quality blog in here... Work with me a little, man.

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layhan’s failed attempt at doing the worm dance

EXO TAO - 1st Look Magazine RUN AWAY (EXO x MCM)

Junmama’s look at Yixing tho (x)

when a dork joins another dork..

baekjob said: evrim you little smartass did you rly read the divine comedy? the thing is huge. i thought only poor italian students were forced to read it and you did it on your own i’m so proud of you ;////;

i was bored so i thought it was a good idea then it became a battle between me and the book

but it was hella nice

deep stuff

MinBao mimicks BabySoo

The Hyung went a little crazy though


im scared he might break his bones ><